Sunday, February 24, 2013

Clearance Merchandise

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A quick overview of why I am starting this blog. I currently work for Kohls. I do love the company and to be honest, about half my wardrobe is from there. But I wanted to start this blog to share some experiences from an employees point of view, share some of my favorite pieces we have, as well as give some advice on coupons, policies, and sales. Don't worry, this is info available to the public and it's what I tell my customers on a day to day basis. After being with Kohls for over 5 years I run into a lot of the same questions. So little by little, I will try to explain some things a little more clearly. Hope this helps. After all, I do like serving my customers.

Hmm, what should I start with? Oh, how about this.


Signing and Stickers: Please beware! Just because you pulled something off an 80% rack does not mean it's 80% off. CHECK THE STICKER. Both customers and sadly some employees will just stick clearance items on any clearance rack. It's one of my pet peeves. So that item you picked up may be only 60% or 70%. I know this seems like common sense to some if not most of you, but people come up all the time claiming a clearance item should be cheaper because of where it was found. Kohls will not mark it down further just because a customer found it on the wrong rack. Sorry. But some customers try this ploy on purpose. So whatever the sticker says the price is, that's the marked down price.

Sizing: I can't say this enough, and it's especially true for clearance. NEVER TRUST THE HANGER. I do apologize for this inconvenience, but once again customers and a few employees will not always hang an item on a correctly sized hanger. Example: you find a shirt you like, try it on and it's a bit too small. You go back, find a hanger labeled one size up with the same item, purchase and take it home. Only to find out later that it's still too small. Turns out, the tag says a different size than the hanger. Please check the label inside the merchandise for the correct size. Again, common sense, but I see it happen.

Different Store = Different Price: Not all stores sell their clearance at the same price. Example: A dress you bought at one store location for $22 may be $18 at another. The reason is that each district has it's own set prices for clearance based on previous sales. Simple economics. If a product sells well at one store, the product will be sold at the higher price of clearance. If it doesn't sell well, it's sold for less. If you need to exchange a clearance item and it's not the same sticker price, it will not be an even exchange. It will be a return and a repurchase. Kohls will not honor clearance prices from another store! Please keep that in mind.

Extra Discounts: Yes! You may use your coupons on clearance items! Whether it's a 15%, 20% or 30%, and Kohls Cash.

Returns: Yes! You can return clearance merchandise. I would suggest you have a receipt or the credit card you purchased it with. If you return a clearance item without a receipt and it's not on a credit card of any kind (meaning you used cash, store credit, gift card or just Kohls Cash to purchase it) then you will receive store credit for the lowest sale price in the last 13 weeks, regardless of what the clearance sticker says. In other words, you more than likely won't get back what you or someone else paid for it without proof of purchase. 

If you have any questions pertaining to this topic that I did not cover, please comment. I'll answer as best I can. That's all for now. Hope this helps you all and makes your Kohls experience a little easier and more enjoyable. Until next time folks!


  1. Why do they not honor the price on the clearance sticker? Pants had a yellow sticker saying $8.20 but they rang up at $15.00. The clerk said the $8.20 tag had a barcode from something else so she didn't have to honor the price? A price is a price its not my fault it was on the wrong pants. Very disappointed they didn't honor the marked price. Might add this os not the first time this has happened to me

  2. I hear what you're saying Kim. Unfortunately weather or not the sticker price will be honored depends on the store. Some may honor it because it was missed when price adjustments were done or because they are more lenient on that feature. But Kohls employees are being told to be more attentive because we have scammers who try to cheat the system and end up frustrating and confusing other customers later. Let me explain why: Kohls has on many occasion found people taking a cheaper clearance sticker from another item of a different original ticket price and putting it over something they want that's a bit more expensive. Then they try to tell the cashier the item rang wrong and then would get the price lowered. Some of these scammers do it to more than one item but decide later they don't want one that they switched the sticker on and just leave it. Thus, a customer like yourself, finds that item and we are unable to honor it because of someone else. All I can say is that once again, there are dishonest people out there ruining the shopping experience for others only to benefit themselves and the result is for the store to be more strict on the subject. I am sorry they were unable to honor it for you, but it was most likely the difference in price as well. If it was only a dollar or 2 they might have, but again, it all depends on the store.

  3. Question regarding exchanging clearance items Can you clarify how it works? Do you have to buy an item same sale price or same original price or same brand or both? Exchange for any product or same product such as your item is clothes or a certain brand, do you have to purchase the same type/brand...


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  5. is there a way to know if the CLEARANCE price is final or if it will continue to be marked down? sometimes I say i'll come back to check but I either don't find my size or I like to select the item that hasn't been handled much.

  6. Hi I recently purchased some leggings online for my daughter but when I received them she didn't like them, and I bought them from the clearance dept, can I do an even exchange for the sticker price, or for the clearance sale price,

  7. Hi I recently purchased some leggings online for my daughter but when I received them she didn't like them, and I bought them from the clearance dept, can I do an even exchange for the sticker price, or for the clearance sale price,

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