Monday, February 25, 2013

Earning Kohls Cash

Ah, yes. Kohls Cash. This will be a bit tricky but I think I have this down. So please pay attention and read carefully. I'll be explaining this in separate posts.

 For every $50 spent, you EARN $10 in Kohls Cash.

1. This DOES NOT include taxes on your purchase. So if you spent $52.60 on a purchase during one of these sales, but did not receive Kohls Cash, check your receipt. You might have had over $4 in taxes, making it under $50.

2. Kohls Cash is calculated AFTER any and all % off and dollar off discounts.

3. The purchase of Gift Cards DO NOT COUNT towards earning Kohls Cash.

4. YOU CAN COMBINE RECEIPTS. As long as you come in during the earning period of Kohls Cash, and the receipts are dated during the same time as the current earning period (the purchases don't have to be from the same store location) you can combine receipts to earn Kohls Cash.
Example: One receipt says you purchased $37.89 from one day, and $29.99 another.
Present your receipts to a cashier or customer service rep, and they can activate another Kohls Cash for you. But you NEED to have two receipts present to combine.

5. You can earn Kohls Cash from online purchases. If you spend enough on an online purchase, whether it's in a store ordering off the kiosk or from your home computer, you can earn Kohls Cash. Putting your email address in with your billing info allows Kohls to send you your Kohls Cash via email. Just print it out and you're good to go.

6. Remember when I said you could combine receipts. You can do that with a mix of in store and online purchases. Again, you need to have both receipts present so that a cashier has proof of your purchase. Just bring in your order summary printed from the kiosk or from home off your email, in with your other receipts. Remember, they have to be from the earning period.

That should be enough for this section. Next I will tackle redeeming your Kohls Cash. After that, return policies involving Kohls Cash.

If you have any questions on EARNING Kohls Cash that I didn't cover, please comment. I'll do my best to answer. :) Until next time folks.


  1. Can you earn kohls cash using a Kohls gift card as payment?

  2. Yes. Using Kohls gift cards and Merchandise Credit (in-store credit) cards can be used AS PAYMENT and you can still receive Kohls Cash. It's when you're buying a gift card that it will not count.

  3. I missed Kohl's cash by 1 day on a major purchase. Can I take my receipt to customer service today to get Kohl's cash?

  4. Hi, I am glad I saw this blog:) I received home a $15 off kohls promotional gift card sent thro mail. Can I use this with $10 off $30 coupon? Can I stack both in store?

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